Thursday, 30 September 2010

29/9/10 - Brighton Freshers Expo (NAT)

Between 11:30-12:00 we arrived at Brighton station.

Being my first time in Brighton I was quite excited and optimistic about the day ahead. I looked into my rucksack and had everything that I needed. Pen, notepad, camera and questions, CHECK.

On arrival at Brighton Racecourse we met up with the Ex ACS (African Caribbean Society) president, which is also a close friend of my brother and I. Straight away we got down to work. We decided as a team for the time being, that I was going to ask the questions whilst my brother filmed it. After having their initial reactions on camera Lem would take down student details and give them a poster, informing them how the can keep in contact with the Evolution Now project.

Throughout the day a lot of students were very forthcoming in airing their views on the questions that we asked. Although I think the question “ What really grinds your gears” was misinterpreted and some thought that it was to do with things that they really enjoy doing. We also asked some general questions like “what do you care about” but they kept on referring to politics when we wanted an initial reaction, this way we are able to state that politics relates to every aspect of life.

A general topic that seemed to "grind their gears" was university fees and Tax being on the rise. This was a major concern as it directly affects them. They were keen for the government to make education free, as it will give others that have the ability but not the money a chance in life.

Nathaniel Hinds - Workshop Team Leader

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