The Evolutionists

Mr Lem Leon - Leader Of Evolution NOW
Lem Leon - Project Manager

  • Twenty-something with a head full of colourful ideas, unique outlooks on all situations.
  •  One the most memorable successful things I have done is support my sister through college and university. 
  •  I measure success by what I have had to sacrifice in order to achieve the results.
  • Pioneering isn't easy but this is a journey that must be taken. 
  • True change comes from within. It's time for politics to mean something again. It's time for Evolution.NOW.


Nathaniel Hinds - Workshop Team Leader

  • Twenty-something years of age
  •  Working part- time and on placement year at university studying business studies.
  •  dancing and acting are my strongest passions, Since the age of 12.
  • One of my biggest achievements is when I passed my A-Levels and got into university.
  • Winning a dance contest at our uni called The Forums Got Talent
  • Getting our workshops into schools was a very exciting moment in Evo NOW!

Ismael Hinds W/ Mayor of London,
Boris Johnson
Ismael Hinds - Marketing Team Leader

  •  Twenty-something years of age
  •  Determined, focused and bubbly individual
  •  Working part- time and on placement year at university studying business studies
  •  Heavily influenced by my passions, which are dance and acting
  • My biggest achievement had to be when I attained 3 A’s for my A-levels
  •  I believe that anything you put your mind to you can achieve!