Tuesday, 1 February 2011

An interview with :Elliot Forlan

Evolution NOW had the privilege of meet with Elliot Forlan, who is currently running for Youth Parliament in Barnet.

Our main aim of the meeting was to hear his views about young people and politics, and if he believes that young people are engaged with politics.

Throughout the meeting we covered many topics and one point of particular interest was the current age to vote and how it should be lowered to 16.

Elliot went on to mention that our project was one of many similar ones. It was time our voices should be heard collectively.

“its not that young people are not interested in politics, politics isn’t interested in young people” - A quote that resonated with us as Elliot spoke about how he got involved with politics.

Elliot furthered illustrated the importance of the quote by detailing how it has taken 4 years to establish a youth parliament in Barnet.

We seemingly agreed that Politics is mainly geared and suited to the older generation. Politicians either don’t really take on the issues of the youth of today, or they are just really patronising when executing ideas and initiatives. For example the “Hug a hoodie” campaign.

What are your views? 

Do you believe that young people are being engaged with politics successfully?

Let us know your thoughts!

Nathaniel Hinds