Thursday, 30 September 2010

29/9/10 - Brighton Freshers Expo (ISH)

So we landed in Brighton at around midday. The purpose of the trip to Brighton, was to discover what young people think about politics and also to find out what issues affect them within their everyday life.

The day started off at the University of Brighton’s fresher’s fair which was held at the Brighton race course. Upon arrival we were greeted by the loud sounds of music, and the warm atmosphere of the student surroundings.

As soon as the evolution team arrived, I got into contact with my friend who is the ex president of the African and Caribbean society. Nathaniel, Lem and myself walked around the freshers fair with a video camcorder, asking people questions and capturing their responses on the camcorder.

The students in Brighton were very helpful towards the project and had a lot of positive views which we were permitted to record as part of our opinion collection exercise . We came across a few people who did not want to be filmed for personal reasons, but they left their names and emails so we could keep them updated about the project. Still a positive nonetheless!

We adopted a warm & informal approach to speaking with people which I found was very effective and lead to us getting quite a few people airing their views about politics via camcorder & general conversation.

Stay tuned for my next info splash....

Ismael Hinds - Marketing Team Leader

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